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Preply is a worldwide platform where one will find French tutoring jobs and the opportunity to teach online, whether it's offering tuition to our learners in general or those professionals taking part in our corporate language training programs. Aimed to help both children and managers, in a single place Preply unites tutors and all people in search of new knowledge. The studies are available remotely, and this may help tutors from different towns to reach students and teach French online from home. Just search for French teacher jobs here and get paid for teaching online!

Latest French teacher jobs

Online French learning session with a individual learning plan is needed

My self Dr Ayoub, i work as a scientist . I wanna french for cultural, tourism and scientific purposes.

31-109 HKD

per hour

I want to start lessons online with a patient French expert who will assign me interactive activities

I would like to prepare to take the TEF Exam, I already took it last month. However, I want to improve my score on the written and oral expression sections.

226-305 HKD

per hour

Urgently need an online instructor to learn French with professional checks of my improvement

I am interested in taking the TEF French exam in July and looking for someone to help me with the oral component. I can communicate in French but need practice & improvement especially on pronunciation and vocabulary. Just wondering what your availability looks like. Thank u

250-328 HKD

per hour

Native tutor required for online French tutoring jobs

My boyfriend and I have 20 days to test my French and reach an A1 Certificate. Would it be possible for you to help us? I need a review to fulfill the certification in the 4 skills. I previously took a year and half of french lessons but my knowledge is rusty at this point.

16-78 HKD

per hour

I would like to to learn French online with a tailored plan and accomplish my learning goals efficiently.

I am interested to boost my French-speaking skills very fast, in preparation for a business trip I will take in 2 weeks, but also afterwards. I understand and read French at B2-C1 level, but my speaking is lacking as I don't have the chance to practice. Can you help me with that? If yes, when is the earliest time slot I can book? Thanks!

195-273 HKD

per hour

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Urgently need an online tutor to learn French with controlled analyses of my knowledge

Hi, I´m interested in your teaching. My goal is to prepare myself for the DELF exam which I would present at the end of the year. Currently I believe I am A2.1 or A2.2 Let me know what plan you propose so that I can achieve it!

102-180 HKD

per hour

Searching for an online tutor to learn French with professional analyses of my knowledge

My name is Pomme. I and my husband plan to visit France and spend sometime there since we really like french countryside, culture, and food. We both are retired and plan to travel the world. We don’t have French background, and are looking for comprehensive french lessons before our trip to France. If you are interested, please let me know. Suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

102-180 HKD

per hour

I desire to to learn French online with a effective system and achieve my goals efficiently.

Dear Gédéon D, I hope this message finds you well. I am interested in preparing for a French exam and would like to know more about your tutoring services. Specifically, I would like to inquire about the number of classes you offer and if you have any structured plans tailored for learning French with the purpose of exam preparation. Thank you for your assistance. Best regards, Giancarlo F.

109-187 HKD

per hour

I need to to learn French online with a customized program and reach my objectives quickly.

I am of French heritage - my mother is French and I have recently received my French passport. However I do not speak French and I would love to learn. I am currently using Doulingo which is providing the basics but I need some tutoring to build up my confidence speaking and in order to progress further. I have many colleagues and friends who I can practice with but I lack the confidence. I am looking for bi weekly lessons to begin with either on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Many thanks, Kate

156-234 HKD

per hour

Online French teacher priced around $25 is wanted.

My daughter is now in the 4th grade in School (9 years old) and would like to start learning French. She is a total beginner! We are looking for a lesson once a week for 30-50min (or maybe twice a week but only 30min). Would something like this be possible? Thanks, Deborah

156-234 HKD

per hour

I need to begin lessons online with a caring French instructor who will assign me various activities

I am interested in french beginner, need to start asap. Kindly advice the schedule and fee and if any requirements.

23-102 HKD

per hour

Native tutor required for online French tutoring jobs

I am Kayra, 24 years old. I want to obtain C1 dalf by the end of september. 2 years ago, I entered c1 dalf exam and unfortunetly i couldnt make it. I got 48,5 points and as you know 50 was enough. I want to improve myself on writing, speaking and listening. I want to have lessons until september and obtain this certificate with you :) Let me know what do you think. Best Kayra

156-234 HKD

per hour

Communicative online French lessons are required with a qualified coach

My name is Reilly and I’m currently a sophomore in college. I have always been super interested in expanding my knowledge when it comes to different languages but unfortunately did not have the best experience with my spanish teachers in high school. I really love the french language and would love to get started with it and switch over from spanish. Thanks!

156-234 HKD

per hour

Online French tutoring with a tailored methodology is demanded

Hi! My name is Mariam and me and friend Tata are look for french tutor we are both students and we are both very very beginners in french! We are looking forward to hearing from you

70-148 HKD

per hour

Online French lesson with a personalised learning method is demanded

Hope you are doing fine I'm serious into learning French and I'm a beginner. I'm planning to give TEF exam in future. Can you help me with this??

16-70 HKD

per hour

Online French help with a customised methodology is needed

I am looking for someone who would teach French to my granddaughters (ages 12 and 14). Do you come to the house or do you have an office?

469-547 HKD

per hour

Online French class with a tailored approach is demanded

What does a typical session look like? Do you provide any worksheets/independent work for a student to work on before/after video sessions?

117-195 HKD

per hour

Native teacher required for online French tutoring job

I am Labeeb, I have no experience in learning, however I am looking forward too booking a trial lesson to see if I can learn French through you. I want to sit for TCF/TEF next year so a help in getting me started so I can get CLB7 would be amazing, thanks!

156-234 HKD

per hour

I desire to to learn French online with a effective program and attain my learning goals soon.

How are you? I’m Julia and I’m looking forward to French classes…I would like to book a french classes with you. I don’t know french, so it would be for a beginner hahaha

156-234 HKD

per hour

Online coach who will help me upgrade my speaking in French is wanted.

I want to start preparing for TEF. I am fairly new to french....been hopping on duolingo but unable to setup a learning technique. Can you share your fee structure for all different levels along with shcedule

78-156 HKD

per hour


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With Preply you can become an online tutor today. Earn money sharing your expert knowledge from the comfort of your home. Sign up to be a tutor on Preply!

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FAQ about teaching French online

How can I teach French online?

Looking to find online tutoring jobs? Teaching French online is simple with online platforms like Preply. Getting set up is easy; all you’ll need is a strong internet connection, a computer with a webcam, a headset with a microphone, and the ability to use Zoom or Skype.


Can I teach French online without a degree?

At Preply, teachers who become an online tutor on our platform have a range of experience. While some of them have years of teaching under their belt, others are just starting out. Whether you’re new to tutoring or considering taking your in-person tutoring online, the most important thing is that you’re open to learning.


We do not require a formal degree to become a teacher at Preply. This means that you can become an online French teacher as long as you speak fluent French. That being said, having specialized French teaching qualifications can help you to plan classes more effectively and likewise to attract a more niche set of students.


Many of our French teachers have degrees in teaching, or specialized certifications including DALF and DELF tests, or the français langue étrangère (FLE) certification, which provides a broad foundation for teaching French as a second language along the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Likewise, some successful teachers on the platform prefer to tailor their teaching to specific language tests. These include the American French AP and SAT exams, as well as the TCF and TEF exams, offered by the French Ministry of Education and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paris respectively. Others include the TFI, which is geared towards adults working in international business and academia, as well as the DELF and DALF, progressive diplomas offered through the French Ministry of Education.


Some of our tutors also focus on special education, specializing in classes for students with Asberger’s syndrome, ADHD, and dyslexia.


There is also significant demand for less specialized French teacher jobs on Preply, including conversational French, general French, and French for beginners.


Can you teach French online full time?

Teaching online with Preply means that you have the freedom to work as many or as few hours as you choose. According to Preply’s internal statistics, among French tutors based in the United States, 87% of teachers choose to work between 0-10 hours weekly, 11% choose to work between 10-20 hours weekly, and 2% choose to work between 30-40 hours weekly.


With this data in mind, it is clear that the majority of teachers choose to work part-time with the platform. That being said as hours are set by teachers themselves, working full time is also an option for those who desire to do so.


How much do online French teachers make?

With Preply, the amount you charge for your classes is entirely up to you. On average, our teachers charge about $23 an hour, though rates vary widely. Depending on experience, nationality, and specialization, rates range from $5 to $100 an hour.


Of course, those who work more hours make more on a monthly basis. Among French teachers based in the United States, for example, those working 0-10 hours weekly made an average of $151 a month. Those working 10-20 hours a week made an average of $739 a month, and those working 30-40 hours a week made $893 monthly.


Online French tutor average salary


Avg. weekly hours Avg. monthly income
0 - 10 hrs $151
10 - 20 hrs $739
30 - 40 hrs $893


Fortunately, online French teacher jobs are in high demand; in terms of world-wide learners, French is second only to English, with 120 million students across the globe. It is the official language in 29 countries.


Among the languages taught on Preply, French is one of the highest paid specialties, and you can also teach English online, alongside Danish, Italian and German for similar rates.


How do I teach French online effectively?

Learning to teach online effectively is a key part of your success working through Preply. Setting realistic student expectations, managing time well, and taking advantage of online resources available lay the groundwork for effective teaching.


Preply has a range of resources that can help you to become a French tutor, including teacher trainings, webinars, and blog posts with tips for new teachers.