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Preply is a worldwide marketplace where anyone can find German tutoring jobs and the chance to teach online. Aimed to help both beginners and professionals taking part in the Preeply Business corporate language training, in a single place Preply unites teachers and everyone in search of new knowledge. The lessons are accessible remotely, and this may help tutors from different cities to reach students worldwide and teach German online from home. Just search German tutor jobs here and get income for online teaching!

Latest German teacher jobs

Want to find a professional online teacher in German.

Wie geht’s? 😉 I’m very interested in learning German, hopefully to get to level b2 I’ve been learning German from duolingo for almost a year and some words from my German friends, but I didn’t get me that far I would love to hear from you (:

47-125 HKD

per hour

I want to try German lessons online rich with real-world examples with an organized instructor

Hope you are doing good, i want to pass an A1 test on July 15th. I need someone to assess my skills and coach me to do it in this short time. I have done a course till A2 from Kern, but could not attend some classes and less practice, so i felt i get some advice on how to proceed. Please let me know, thank you Srikanth

422-500 HKD

per hour

Searching for an online mentor to learn German with proper checks of my skills

Ich bin Arshee Krishnan und ich will Deutsch lernen. Ich habe A2 Zertifikat. I want to build on this and get to B2/C1 level. Danke, Arshee

133-211 HKD

per hour

I need to improve my knowledge in German online and receive professional comments from a great teacher

my name is Sher khan Shaghasi currently studying my masters degree in Gisma, potsdam, i saw your profile and got interested to learn german from you. please let me know how it is possible and how can we manage the schedule. excuse me if i miss written. lookig forward to hear from you sir. thank you

219-297 HKD

per hour

Online German tutor priced around $16 is needed.

I am a student and want to learn German. I have a basic understanding of the language but, I want to be more fluent in the language and hence need you help. Can you help me in achieving my goal?

86-164 HKD

per hour

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I wish to make progress in German online and receive personalized feedback from a qualified tutor

I am going to take the SDS oral test try try and get b1 level. Do you have any experience with that test?

266-344 HKD

per hour

Online German learning session with a customised learning plan is needed

I‘m looking for a private tutor for my two boys Neo (7) and Kai (5), ideally twice/week to start. I believe 30min/kid per lesson would be best at the beginning. I‘m German native and I‘m intending to switch our language to German Only at home over the next year if possible. Do you have any availability ? Dennis

195-273 HKD

per hour

I desire to to learn German online with a personalised system and reach my goals as soon as possible.

I hope you are doing well. I am writing to you with an urgent request regarding my son, who is currently in the 11th grade (5 VWO). He is struggling significantly with German and currently has a grade of 2. To pass the year, he needs to raise this to at least a 4. There are still two tests remaining, one of which is a written exam that heavily influences his final grade. He needs to score at least a 6 on this written exam, which must be in fluent German. This is a considerable challenge, especially given that his current level in German is very low. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that he is Dutch, and his English proficiency is also not very strong. This makes learning German even more difficult for him. I am reaching out to ask if you could help my son improve his German skills to the level required for this test. Your expertise and guidance could make a crucial difference in this difficult situation. Would you be available and willing to assist him? Your help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you very much in advance for your support. Kind regards, Ingrid

266-344 HKD

per hour

I want to master German online and get constructive feedback from a qualified teacher

I am looking for a German tutor for my 4 year old son. He speaks English and we want German classes for him to enhance his daily conversation with friends and make him school ready. Best Regards, Gaurav

102-180 HKD

per hour

Seek for online teacher priced near $35 to improve my German.

My daughter is 13 and preparing to enter a B1 German class. She wants to use the summer to improve her German so she's ready for that challenge. We are thinking between 1:00 and 2* per week. Are you available?

234-312 HKD

per hour

I need to start learning sessions online with a patient German teacher who will assign me various tasks

My name is Deniz Aburyah and I am 18 years old and I am willing to take german class. Could I please have further Info about the time and days of your lessons, and since I am new to this website, are the lessons online or face to face?

312-391 HKD

per hour

I wish to improve my knowledge in German online and get useful feedback from a qualified mentor

Em chào cô! Em muốn học tiếng Đức và thấy phần mềm này. Em muốn hỏi cô: Giá 30 euro là 1 khoá, hay 1 buổi ạ? Mong cô chia sẻ ạ Em cảm ơn cô!

195-273 HKD

per hour

Searching for online tutor priced near $24 to upgrade my German.

My son has an exam in German beginner on Monday he needs 3 hours to review . Can you help him in his course on this short notice . He is Lebanese descent too !

148-226 HKD

per hour

I want to find a reasonably priced online private teacher in German.

I am very happy to meet you I wanna learn langue germane Because I want go to Germany this year , i need the course about it , please i want the course because I Haven't money now .

172-250 HKD

per hour

Interesting online German learning sessions are required with a experienced teacher

I'm looking for a German teacher who can come to my work and give me private lessons and my Company will pay for it..Are you interested?

305-383 HKD

per hour

I wish to boost my speaking techniques in German with a patient online language expert

I'm interested in finding out if you offer group lessons and if you do, I'd like to know more about the conditions. I'm also curious to know about the teaching materials/books you use or have experience with. Our group is made up of two to four people. We've used Starten Wir to learn the A1 level and now we'd like to reach the B1 level and take a TELC exam. We're comfortable communicating in English and can commit to 2 to 3 sessions per week. Thank you for your time and assistance. Best regards, Amir

344-422 HKD

per hour

Effective online German lessons are needed with a competent coach

I am looking to learn conversational German and really am a beginner would that be something you can help with ?

109-187 HKD

per hour

Instructor is wanted for online German teaching jobs

My name is Daisy and I am looking for a tutor who can help me achieve a German A1 certificate. I currently have a very basic scope of the language that doesn't go far beyond what I have learnt in Duolingo. How many lessons do you expect it would take to prepare me for the A1 exam? Hope to hear from you soon! Best wishes, Daisy

109-187 HKD

per hour

Online German help with a tailored methodology is needed

I am looking for a virtual assistant to assist with my office work. Work will primarily include office support and data entry tasks

70-148 HKD

per hour

Online German private tutor priced around $25 is wanted.

Καλησπέρα. Ενδιαφέρομαι να ξεκινήσω ιδαίτερα μαθήματα Γερμανικών. Δεν έχω προηγούμενη εμπειρία με την γλώσσα, γνωρίζω μόνο μερικές λέξεις και καταλαβαίνω κάπως σε επίπεδο ομιλίας καθώς πηγαίνω συχνά στο Βερολίνο σε στενούς μου φίλους. Θα ήθελα να ρωτήσω αν μπορώ να πάρω κάποια πιστοποίηση και ποια θα πρέπει να είναι η συχνότητα των μαθημάτων για να μπορέσω να δώσω για το 1ο πτυχίο των Γερμανικών; Γενικότερα θα ήθελα μια καθοδήγηση σχετικά με το χρονοδιάγραμμα και τα κόστη. Ευχαριστώ.

156-234 HKD

per hour


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FAQ about teaching German online

How can I teach German online?

Platforms like Preply make teaching German online a breeze. The only resources you’ll need to get started on your search for German speaking jobs online are a secure internet connection, access to a video conferencing platform like Skype or Zoom, a webcam, and a headset.


Can I teach German online without a degree?

The short answer is: yes. Here at Preply, to become an online tutor we have no formal requirements for teachers working on our platform. This means that as long as you are fluent in the German language, you are able to teach it on our platform.


That being said, many of our German teachers do indeed have formal qualifications. Some of our teachers have bachelor and masters degrees in German, while others have taken common German language tests sought after by German universities including the Test of German as a Foreign Language (TestDaF), the Austrian German Language Diploma (ÖSD) and the DSH German Language Proficiency Test (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang). Likewise many of our American teachers have themselves taken AP and SAT German exams.


Beyond these qualifications, many of our teachers cater their classes to certain specializations to distinguish themselves among our many teachers. For example, teachers specialize by dialect (Austrian and Swiss German), age group (German for children, business and professional German), level (German for beginners, intensive German) as well as by test preparation (AP German, SAT German, TestDaF, ÖSD, DSH and CEFRL levels A1-B2).


Can you teach German online full time?

One of the key benefits of working through Preply is the flexibility it affords our teachers. There is no minimum or maximum requirement of how many hours you work for us weekly. With Preply you can even work from home teaching the German language.


Considering our internal statistics, we can see that 79% of our German tutors choose to work between 0-10 hours a week, 17% work between 10-20 hours weekly with us, while the remaining 4% of German teachers work 20-30 hours weekly on the platform. As tutors themselves determine their hours, how much time you commit to teaching weekly is entirely up to you. In similar language specializations including French, Spanish, and English, for example, some teachers work full time on the platform.


Around the world, there are upwards of 100 million German speakers; indeed it is the most widely spoken language in Europe. In recent years, demand has grown immensely for German language classes, which certainly benefits our tutors.


How much do online German teachers make?

At Preply, teachers set their own rates for classes. With this in mind, monthly earnings through the platform are completely contingent on how much tutors choose to charge for their classes as well as how many hours they choose to teach. According to internal Preply data, the average rate of German teachers based in the US is $21.82 hourly, while individual tutors based in the US charge anywhere from $16-$33 hourly. This makes German teacher jobs some of the highest paid on the platform, alongside online French teacher jobs (avg. $22.55 hourly) and Arabic teacher jobs (avg. $21.57 hourly).


Drawing from the earnings of our current German language tutors based in the US, working 0-10 hours weekly, our tutors earn an average of $174 monthly, working 10-20 hours weekly, our teachers earn an average of $906 monthly, and working 20-30 hours weekly, our teachers earn an average of $857 monthly. As we can see from this data, monthly earnings are influenced both by rate charged as well as hours worked. Here we see that those tutors working 20-30 hours actually make less on average than those teaching 10-20 hours, this due to the difference in rates between the two groups.


Online German tutor average salary


Avg. weekly hours Avg. monthly income
0 - 10 hrs $174
10 - 20 hrs $906
20 - 30 hrs $857


How do I teach German online effectively?

Developing proper time management, being intentional about setting student expectations, and taking full advantage of online teaching resources will set you on the path to becoming a successful language tutor online.


There are many resources at your disposal that can help you to develop effective teaching strategies. Internally, Preply has a range of resources for new tutors, including both trainings and webinars. Happy teaching!