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Business English course focused on boosting`manager confidence to write and communicate in English in a professional business environment.
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Business English course specialising in enhancing IT professionals' business terminology and ability to communicate in English.
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Top 9 industries hiring bilingual employees

The need for bilingual employees continues to increase. Discover the 9 major industries with an ever-growing need for bilingual employees in this article by Preply Business.

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11 tips on how to run a family business successfully

From open communication to business transparency, we've listed what it takes to make your family business a success. Read on to find out more about what makes family businesses last.

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11 best crowdfunding platforms for startups [2024]

Are you not sure which crowdfunding platform is the best option for your small business? Discover a guide to the best crowdfunding sites for smart fundraising with Preply Business.

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