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On Preply's tutoring jobs page you can always find open requests for qualified teachers of different languages and subjects to offer tuition to learners in general, as well as those who participate in our corporate language training programs and business English courses. Preply offers the chance to teach online with a flexible schedule, access to students from all over the world and constant customer service! In order to reply to student requests, you need to have a profile that shows your hourly price and your availability. Just check our tutoring jobs and find new students here!

Latest online tutoring jobs

Interactive online Vietnamese learning sessions are needed with a qualified tutor

I'm interested in learning Vietnamese. I have lived in Vietnam for two years, and I'd like to improve my speaking, writing and listening in Vietnamese. I'm currently in the UK, but plan on coming back to Vietnam in July. Do you have any available times for a trial lesson? Thanks, Emily

55-133 HKD

per hour

I want to begin Dutch lessons online full of real-world examples with a respectful teacher

I am currently studying for my inburgering exams, I have only the writing exam left, I am looking for a teacher that will support me while preparing for this exam. I am also looking for a way to feel more comfortable while speaking dutch.

187-266 HKD

per hour

Want to find a professional online teacher in German.

Wie geht’s? 😉 I’m very interested in learning German, hopefully to get to level b2 I’ve been learning German from duolingo for almost a year and some words from my German friends, but I didn’t get me that far I would love to hear from you (:

47-125 HKD

per hour

Need a certified tutor who will help me to learn Webdevelopment effectively

I took a software development bootcamp from Aug 2023 to Feb 2024 but I lost quite a bit of touch. I learnt React, Java Springboot, Devops, React Native and I would like to build an app of my own but I’m a little lost as to how to get it going. I’m looking for tutor to guide me along :)

73-152 HKD

per hour

Online French learning session with a individual learning plan is needed

My self Dr Ayoub, i work as a scientist . I wanna french for cultural, tourism and scientific purposes.

31-109 HKD

per hour

Earn up to $2500 per month by teaching languages

With Preply you can become an online tutor today. Earn money sharing your expert knowledge from the comfort of your home. Sign up to be a tutor on Preply!

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I want to start lessons online with a patient French expert who will assign me interactive activities

I would like to prepare to take the TEF Exam, I already took it last month. However, I want to improve my score on the written and oral expression sections.

226-305 HKD

per hour

Online teacher who will help me upgrade my conversation skills in English is needed.

I want to get better at English before I start my early childhood course. I want to be really good at speaking English.

16-86 HKD

per hour

I would like to have lessons online with a creative Accounting tutor who will assign me interactive tasks

Hello! I am taking an intense 5 week summer financial accounting course and need help with my work.

31-109 HKD

per hour

I want to make progress in Thai online and receive personalized evaluation from a qualified instructor

Do you teach children? My son is turning 7 next week. He is half Thai and half white. Looking to teach him to read and write thai

94-172 HKD

per hour

I would like to have lessons online with a creative Chinese(mandarin) expert who will give me various tasks

Hello, My name is Enrique. My kids are 12 and 13 yrs old. They have been learning Mandarin in school. I'm looking for 3 days to 4 days a week around 930 am Eastern Time for an hour. Are you available during that time? Do you have experience teaching kids? Thank you

74-152 HKD

per hour

Online Spanish tutoring with a tailored learning method is desired

I read your bio at Preply and found your experience with the language. I'm looking for a tutor for Spanish.

39-117 HKD

per hour

Searching for help in studying Spanish from a professional teacher online

My kids are 13 and 15 years old. They take Spanish in their schools. However, it is basic Spanish. I would like for them to learn conversational Spanish through the summer. How long are your virtual courses?

16-94 HKD

per hour

I wish to have Japanese lessons online full of real-world tasks with a respectful instructor

My name is Nashaly. I'm 17 and hoping to learn Japanese, moreso as a hobby because of my consumption of Japanese media, but I'd also like to travel once I become an adult. I think learning a new language can be stimulating and it might keep me motivated.

16-86 HKD

per hour

Native teacher wanted for online Spanish tutoring job

I’m Jerricka, and I have been wanting to become fluent in Spanish for a while now. My boyfriend is from the Dominican Republic. Before I met him I wanted to learn, but I wasn’t as motivated. Ever since I met him, I have been working hard for a little over a year now, trying to learn Spanish on my own. It has been hard, but he had suggested to me to take a class. That’s how he learned English. I would love to start learning from you!

23-102 HKD

per hour

Need to find an online instructor to learn Bosnian with regular reviews of my knowledge

I was reading the description of your lessons and noticed that it mentioned English, do you also teach Bosnian as well?

102-180 HKD

per hour

I want to find a native speaking online tutor in Korean.

My friend and I are interested in learning Korean for an upcoming trip to Korea next spring! I was just wondering how many lessons a week you suggest? We are at a beginners level, and know just a few words/phrases. Thanks!

195-273 HKD

per hour

Urgently need an online instructor to learn French with professional checks of my improvement

I am interested in taking the TEF French exam in July and looking for someone to help me with the oral component. I can communicate in French but need practice & improvement especially on pronunciation and vocabulary. Just wondering what your availability looks like. Thank u

250-328 HKD

per hour

Online English help with a personalised learning plan is required

Hi there! My name is Mila, I am going to sit my OET exam next month. Quite nervous. I am looking for someone with I can practice role cards and also, writing corrections. If you feel comfortable with those requirements, I'll happily book a lesson with you!

16-94 HKD

per hour

Want help in studying Russian from a perfect teacher online

I would love to learn Russian for business and pleasure. But, my schedule is complicated. Could you come to me at my office on walk street? I would love to be fluent in 6 months. A friend has put a 6 month time line for me to speak fluently. Is this something we could do together?

273-351 HKD

per hour

I need to start lessons online with a inspiring It teacher who will assign me interactive activities

I am seeking a professional tutor with expertise in global IT strategy and planning for a class titled "IT Globalization and Strategy" in the subject of Global Information Technology Management. The assignment, named "Globalization Plan Evaluation and Recommendations," involves evaluating and recommending improvements to an IT globalization plan for a company expanding into international markets. Key topics include data storage, unified communications, ERP, POS, CRM systems, aligning IT strategies with business goals, global technology trends, and addressing international market opportunities and challenges. The ideal tutor will have a strong background in IT management, practical experience in global business strategies, and excellent communication skills. Please contact me if you are interested and qualified for this tutoring opportunity.

156-234 HKD

per hour


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With Preply you can become an online tutor today. Earn money sharing your expert knowledge from the comfort of your home. Sign up to be a tutor on Preply!

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FAQ about tutoring online

How do I become an online tutor?

There are two ways of becoming an online tutor. The first option comprises signing up to an existing online teaching platform, like Preply, whilst the second entails setting up your own tutoring business. Aside from the many resources required, creating your own online tutoring platform is very time consuming. If you seek a much speedier and straightforward solution, signing up to an existing online tutoring platform is the best option for you.


All that is required is the right technological set up, including a laptop or computer with skype or Zoom installed. In addition, you will need a headset and webcam to successfully communicate with your future students. Finally, a dedicated workspace is recommended as surroundings greatly influence your productivity.


How do I become a tutor for Preply?

If you want to become an online tutor at Preply, then you’ll be glad to know that the sign up process is very simple. It involves completing the following 5 steps:


 1. Filling in basic information about yourself

 2. Choosing and uploading a good profile picture

 3. Writing an engaging profile description

 4. Making a powerful introduction video

 5. Providing your degree or teaching certificate for verification (where applicable)


The Preply tutor success team will then review your profile and contact you regarding the status of your application as soon as possible.


Are online teaching jobs legitimate?

A typical question amongst tutors that are new to online tutoring is “are online teaching jobs legitimate? The simple answer to that is, yes. There are legitimate online teaching jobs available. Teachers looking to take their tutoring online can set up their own online platform. Alternatively, signing up to an online tutoring platform comprises a quicker (and easier) route to working remotely, as mentioned previously.


Most online teaching companies are legitimate but a bit of research prior to signing up can help you avoid being scammed, should you be so unfortunate. Listed are five things you can do before you embark on your online tutoring journey:


1. Kick off your research by carrying out a Google search on the company.

 2. Ask other teachers on social media for their experience, Facebook groups and communities are an excellent source of


3. Check popular job review sites for feedback from teachers on the company.

4. If you have already started the application process, read the contract and/or conditions to teach online with the company in


 5. Be vigilant the first month making sure that you are paid the correct amount and on time.



Why do I want to teach online?

So, maybe you are wondering, why do you want to teach online? There are many advantages to becoming an online tutor that go beyond the (delightful) possibility of working in your pajamas. In today’s ever-increasing online world, teaching remotely will open many doors to you, not only because finding students on the internet is easier due to the lack of geographical limitations but, also because you can work wherever you are in the world. Indeed, online tutors can combine their passion to teach with other interests, such as traveling, or take advantage of the flexibility that online teaching affords by juggling working with other commitments, such as studying or childcare. In addition, online teachers can avoid commuting costs and save on traveling time to their jobs. Finally, and it wasn’t already enough, taking the step to tutor online allows teachers to discover many other fascinating cultures, amongst many other advantages. Have we convinced you, yet?


What are the best online tutoring jobs?

If you would like to know what the best paying online tutoring jobs are, then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to our internal business data, we can reveal that the tutors that earn the most on an hourly basis mainly specialize in non-language related areas. Featuring at the top are business, corporate finance, and sales teachers with an average hourly rate of $55. These tutors are closely followed by law teacher jobs with average earnings of $47.50 per hour.


High up in the rankings in terms of salaries are also programmers, with javascript, java and python tutors earning an average hourly rate of $45, $30, and $29 respectively. The most profitable languages for tutors to teach, according to Preply internal business data, are Latin, Hebrew and Sign Language. The average amount earned on an hourly basis is $37.50, $31.00 and $30.00. Finally, featuring amongst the top earners are psychology, accounting, statistics, business strategy and algebra teachers with average hourly salaries corresponding to $45.00, $35.00, $38.50, $30.00, and $27.67. The rankings of the highest paying online tutoring jobs are as follows:


Highest paying online tutoring jobs


Ranking # Job title Avg. salary*
1 Business teacher jobs $55.00/hr
2 Corporate finance teacher jobs $55.00/hr
3 Sales teacher jobs $55.00/hr
4 Law teacher jobs $47.50/hr
5 Javascript teacher jobs $45.00/hr
6 Psychology teacher jobs $45.00/hr
7 Accounting teacher jobs $38.50/hr
8 Latin teacher jobs $37.50/hr
9 Statistics teacher jobs $35.00/hr
10 Hebrew teacher jobs $31.00/hr
11 Business strategy teacher jobs $30.00/hr
12 Java teacher jobs $30.00/hr
13 Sign language teacher jobs $30.00/hr
14 Python teacher jobs $29.00/hr
15 Algebra teacher jobs $27.67/hr


On a side note, English teacher jobs, French teacher jobs, Spanish teacher jobs and German teacher jobs are abundant on Preply given the high demand from learners. With average tutor hourly rates of $19.37, $22.55, $17.08 and $21.82, teaching these subjects full time on the platform could prove to be very profitable.


The average hourly rate, defined by the tutor on Preply, is influenced by the individual teacher’s experience. Tutors on our platform typically have degrees, masters or even doctorates combined with teacher training, language proficiency certificates (where applicable) and a wealth of experience under their belt to help stand out amongst other tutors. So, how much do online tutors make monthly? The answer is that, of course, it varies greatly in accordance with the rate they charge per class and how many hours a tutor dedicates to teaching per week, amongst other factors.


Regardless of the abovementioned, at Preply no qualifications or official teacher training is required. As long as you speak a language to a high or native level, or master the subject area in question, you can become a tutor with us. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now on Preply. Happy teaching!


* Average tutor rates based on Preply teachers in the US who were active for minimum 30 days with at least 1 confirmed lesson between 1 Jan and Sept 30 2020.